Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer of Cupcakes

True, I have done a little bit of neglecting this summer from my blog, but fear you not! That doesn't mean that I have stop baking. In fact, each of the following cupcakes were inspired by different events from the past three months!

Cupcake #1: Mangolicious (click for recipe)

This summer, I had my fill of delicious fruits when I went back to Taiwan. Nothing beats their delicious mangoes that were bigger than the size of my head. Needless to say, when I came back to the States, I had a large void to fill! Here's what came out:

Definitely an interesting cupcake! You'll have to ask Tammy what she thought of them. :) I personally prefer the actual fruit.

Cupcake #2: The Margarita Cupcake (click for recipe)

I had the opportunity to teach a graduate course at Aurora University this summer, which meant no more high schoolers (temporarily, of course)! This called for our adult version of the key lime cupcake: the margarita cupcake! It's basically a lime scented cupcake with a tequila infused buttercream frosting. The verdict was that there wasn't enough tequila in the frosting. Figures. ;)

The class proved to be oodles of fun to teach, partially because I could test out my cupcake recipes on them! ;)

Cupcake #3: The Hannah Lemontana Cupcake

This cupcake's story is somewhat bittersweet, as it was created in dedication to my BFF, Hannah, moving away to the Big Apple only a few weeks ago. At her cupcake crawl bachlorette party, she voted the lemon cupcake to be her fave. So, out came this delicious lemon cupcake filled and topped with a lemon buttercream frosting. Thanks David for the creative name! :)

Just so you can see its inerts:

So despite the fact that I haven't been blogging, at least you can keep up with my summer by checking out the stories behind each cupcake. That's pretty much the last three months in a nutshell. :)


  1. You know what's amazing? I googled "that's so asian" and your blog was the second link. That's pretty impressive! :)

    P.S. your cupcakes are impressive too!

  2. What! Why did you google "That's so asian!"?? Awesome.

  3. Because I didn't have a link to your blog, when you told me you updated it. :)

  4. Hello, I need a little help, I try to make cupcakes, but it don't grow up, you know?! I don't know what I did wrong... What do you do to it grow up? Thank you! And, I love your blog! :D